Temporary stop in Dubai

When I looked for tickets to Cape town almost all flights had a stop in Dubai or Doha, always around 6 hours which is a worthless time since its to long to just sit and wait but its to short to leave the airport. I dig deeper and after a while I got tickets which gives me 10 hour stop in Dubai on my way down and only 2 hours on my way back home. That is perfect since it will give me at least some time to explore Dubai city on my way down and since I’m landing in the middle of the night the temperature should be OK. It was a good plan, it didn’t work out well but it was a good plan.

We arrived according to schedule and even that they scared me that I wouldn’t be allowed into the country because of my Israeli stamps in my passport both passport control and custom went without any problem. I don’t think he actually looked at my picture during passport control and he seemed most bothered with the issue to find a blank paper to stamp. There was no problem finding the metro, understand how it works or finding which station I should get off at either  but as soon as I left the metro station I was struck with an enormous heat and a humidity who could kill.

I realize directly that this will bad but I give it an try but just after an block or two I must confess I’m defeated and I’m melting away, I sit down at an coffee house and while the other people were drinking tea and smoking hookahs I ordered a barrel of water. They looked kind a suspicious at me but come on, I am a swede, I’m not made for conditions like this. Drinking my water I started to think over my options and finally I decided to take the tram around Palm Jumeirah (you know the island the made looking like a palm). Using the tram I will see but without melting, win! I looked at google maps where the closest tram station is and walked over there and then I finally finds it, I just missed the last train and the tram is closed for the night.

With a pretty bitter taste in my mouth I decide to stop the first taxi I see and head back to the airport, my driver who came from Pakistan shone like the sun then I told him I’ve been to Kashmir and as a bonus for me he drove so I could see the impressive Burj Al Arab (hotel that looks like a sail) and Burj Khalifa (worlds tallest house) together with some classic big city skyline. Taxi here is cheap, really cheap and even if I tipped him plenty I didn’t pay more than what it cost to order a taxi in Sweden. And yes, it feels like a failure to not seen more of the city but  I spent a couple of hours in the city at least and now I will spend the rest in an air conditioned lounge…and maybe take a shower.

Arrived to South Africa

Was easier than I thought to spend a lot of hours on Dubai airport and just as quick as a thought it was time to board the plane to Cape town. I confess I was not in my best condition and before the plane took off I was sleeping like baby. I woke however up to the smell of food and I still think that the Emirates food is one of the better when we are talking about airplane food. With some food and a glas of wine in my stomach I fell asleep again. Both the flight to Dubai and to Cape town was with an 777-300 which means you sit in groups of 3-4-3, on both my flight I was lucky though so I had my 3 by myself and I could use the extra two seats as a bed, really nice!

Once in Cape town Jonatan met me at the airport with our rental car and we drove off to Hermanus. Here we stay at a small hostel filled with Australians and Germans. I didn’t get much view of Cape town but more of that later but the view over cape town from the mountains we drove past was really beautiful. According to the signs the are driving along the “Whale route” so if I’m lucky I might even see a whale on this trip, so far its been most beer and beef jerky those few hours Ive been to Africa.

Greetings mr great white

We went up early today and left our hostel to get to the coast and go out on the sea and do some shark diving. The weather couldn’t be any better with blue sky, shining sun and almost no wind at all. The waves were kind a big but come in a slow set and none of us got seasick. Normally this kind of tour takes up to 25 persons but since it low season right now we were lucky and it was only 14, that means more time in the water for us.But to the honest I’m not really impressed. The sharks were tiny, the biggest were somewhere around 3m and they couldn’t care less about us. The swam around our cage and a couple were really close (you could poke it) but my heart rate didn’t raise for that. The dream would be to be inside the cage while an huge great white attacks the cage and trying to get a bite of the swede but I guess I have to continue to dream about that. The Atlantic water was not really warm but our wetsuits help some and at least I can say that I took a bath in the Atlantic this year too.After our little shark adventure we continued west and got to the soothest point of Africa. A rocky beach and a tiny landmark showed us were we where and its also here where the Atlantic ocean meets the Indian ocean, I should get into the water just to be able to say that I took a bath in both oceans. We decided to stay here over the night at a really nice and cozy hostel, unfortunately we are the only guests.