Start of another trip

So its time for another trip and from planning a ski trip me and Martin did a complete turnover and booked a trip with a warming sun, a lovely ocean, jungle and hopefully some nice waves. We are talking about Costa Rica and everything seems to get in order for the trip, our luggage are packed and we are ready. Plenty of time until our flight are leaving and then we have three lovely weeks to do some surfing, I hope my boss wont be mad though cause I think I told him that I will be away for two weeks only.Well, I got my passport and visa card, a rental car is waiting for us and a hostel is booked, three weeks in central america, what could possible to wrong?


9 hours countdown

Countdown has started and the flight takes off in exactly 9 hours, I already found some stuff I forgot to bring which is slightly better than Martin who just started to pack his stuff. Our travel plan is to go from Stockholm to New York, switch plane and then go to San José. The travel time will be around 20 hours so I guess we will be kind a tired when we arrive and hopefully our booking is ok so we have somewhere to stay the first night, it would suck to have to try to find somewhere to stay when you just arrived.

According to the latest reports from the Tamarindo hostel we booked an anteater has been seen, playing ninja. Hopefully he is still there and I catch him with my camera.


Anyway, Martin has started to pack now and I will go and pack my newly bought shorts, use some of my new toothpaste on my new toothbrush and wash my face with my new soap before its time for takeoff.


We are in new New York

Part one of the trip is finished and incredible enough we did get through homeland security without any hassle. I thought we did a smart deal booking tickets at an american airline, I mean everybody knows the size of Americans so we should get plenty of space but well, that backfired and the plane is crap. It has bad air, its crowded and it feels really low budget overall but at least the food descent, especially for being airplane food. While passing Greenland we got a really good view from it and while Greenland is not really green, more filled with snow and ice the urge to go snowboarding arrived an we were a bit insecure if we made the right choice to get on a sun vacation instead of skiing.

Martin got “random selected” at the custom and my computer got scanned for explosives but that was not an issue and we found a boring diner to grab a cup of coffee while we waited on the next place, the airport in New York was not a funny one.

Arrived in Tamarindo

After an kind a awful drive from San José we are now finally in Tamarindo. The drive which we according to the naps 20 miles, which 15 of these were on Costa Ricas biggest road shouldnt be any problem we thought, 4 hours later we had to rethink and after 6 hours we finally arrived. It went up, down, left right like a snake and even if it was totally beautiful to see the nature or boiling brakes did not like it.

At the hostel we got our room which is really nice (with AC) and we could borrow surf boards from them, perfect and it was just to unload the car and then go to the beach! Once we got back from the beach we found a pal who wanted to come back to Sweden with us, we didnt like him though so we kicked him out into the jungle. Im to tired to take a picture so you have to imaging how a scorpion looks like.

The second day was also spent on the beach together small and big waves. the tidal gives an good break around 8-9 in the morning and arund 4 at the afternoon, perfect since it gives you plenty of time to chill while it anyway are to warm do anything

Red like a lobster

Yesterday evening we went to Brunos, a little bit more fancy place with awesome food and this evening, a comedy night. The comedian was supposed to be in “imported” from Canada for the night and well, except that he was not funny it was a great idea. The food however was really nice, giant shrimps in coconut sauce  as a starter and a huge steak as main course made my evening. I ordered some sort of garlic sauce to my steak and we are not talking one or two cloves here, we are talking about whole garlics. Even if it was yesterday we ate I’m pretty sure that Costa Rica now is a vampire free zone!Today we spent the whole day at the beach, trying to catching waves. We also decided to change to smaller boards, that means I swallowed a lot of sea water and tumbling around at the bottom of the sea. Anyway we starts to get it how to catch the waves but the weather has been kind a to good and after 6-7 ours in the sun we are no longer white folks, we are red…red like lobsters.