Red like a lobster

Yesterday evening we went to Brunos, a little bit more fancy place with awesome food and this evening, a comedy night. The comedian was supposed to be in “imported” from Canada for the night and well, except that he was not funny it was a great idea. The food however was really nice, giant shrimps in coconut sauce  as a starter and a huge steak as main course made my evening. I ordered some sort of garlic sauce to my steak and we are not talking one or two cloves here, we are talking about whole garlics. Even if it was yesterday we ate I’m pretty sure that Costa Rica now is a vampire free zone!Today we spent the whole day at the beach, trying to catching waves. We also decided to change to smaller boards, that means I swallowed a lot of sea water and tumbling around at the bottom of the sea. Anyway we starts to get it how to catch the waves but the weather has been kind a to good and after 6-7 ours in the sun we are no longer white folks, we are red…red like lobsters.