Besides having one the best bike parks in the world Whistler is so much more. My gallery will front you the pictures from my hikes I will do during the days I dont bike. You will find movies from the bike park under Movies

On the way to North america from Europe Iceland is the perfect stop. So of course I stopped here for a few days to check out this magical country

The hunt for another wonder of the world took me to Cairo. Besides visiting the pyramids in Giza I also had time to stroll around in the downtown Cairo, Coptic Cairo and of course visit both Memphis, Saqqara and the egyptian museum.

Minsk is more or less completly built after Stalins vision about how a city should be built. Belarus is the last dictatorship and communistic country in Europé so of course I had to get there

What can be better than combining downhill biking in the alps with visiting the mini states we have here in Europe. We packed the car and headed for Luxembourg, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein before finishing the trip with some biking in Austria.

Varför stanna i Sverige när man kan resa till Södra Afrika. Sydafrika, Zambia, Zimbabwe och Botswana hanns med

En weekend resa och kanske möta våren i Rom? Ja varför inte, bara att packa väskan och dra till städerna med uteserveringar, historian och så klart, colosseum

In an attempt to get away from the classic new years eve celibration tickets were booked to Ireland and the weekend were spent in Galway at the west coast.

Ett par dagar över, billiga flygbiljetter och vips så är jag på väg till det heliga landet för att se vad allt bråk handlar om egentligen. Med Jerusalem som bas blev det utflykter till Petra i Jordanien, Hebron och Tel Aviv

30 years ago one of the biggest disasters in human history occured and the place has more or less been abandoned since then, I just must go there and see how the nature has taking back the city of Chernobyl and Pripyat.

Andreas is going to Japan and doing some research about the Yakuza and Japan has always been on my bucket list so why not? Visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Kamakura before it was time to get back home again

A weekend trip to Dublin with Anton, Fintan and Ailish. Most time was spent on the pub but we did at least some sightseeing.

No plans for new years eve and Istanbul is supposed to be beautiful, I didnt count to get into a snow blizzard once I got there though

Reunion with the gang from transsibierian railway in the medievel city of Bruges

20 years ago the war finally ended but how does it look now? Time to drive south and find out how the balkan peninsula looks like.

The big train ride, from Moscow to Shanghai with a couple of stops on the way.. Transmongolian railway here we come.

Flying to San Fransisco to meet up Anton and then a roadtrip to Chicago via Las Vegas, Hoover dam, Grand Canyon and whatever we found along the road

One car, two ferrys and four countries. A roadtrip through Poland and the baltics are on the radar.

A roadtrip aiming for skiing in the eastern europe. Sounds awesome but we forgot to check the weather forecast and arrived late spring with almost no snow.

Towards autumn Sweden gets gray and boring so what could be better than weekend trip to the den of iniquity, Amsterdam.

Skiing in India, really? Of course! The border between India and Pakistan has big mountains, plenty of snow and no one is so stupid so they go to Kashmir for skiing so you got it all for yourself.

Dark and cold rain in Sweden or warm, sunny beaches? Pretty easy to choose, La pura vida baby!

Skiing in Iran?!? They have mountains, they have snow, they have ski system which may be old but still working so why not?

Sometimes you just wanna go skiing even if its summer. Just grab your equipment and go to Stryn, Norway