The trip of my life

A long time ago, just before I went to India my mum told me “Remember that the Beatles never was the same after their trip to India”. I think this was a subtle way to say, don’t take drugs but general speaking she was right, you do change as a person when you travel. It was that trip to India which made me realize the enjoyment of living the life in a backpack.

You who know me knows that I’m a restless person, a person who doesn’t like the classic 8-5 office routine, instead I have much easier for improvisation and living the day as it comes. Therefore I must say thanks for my employee Oracle who let me chase my dreams, even if this will be the longest trip in my life (so far).

Right now I’m at the airport, aiming at a foreign country at a foreign continent. My plans for the upcoming months are very loose and just like the cliche, to travel is the goal. It is me, my backpack and with “Ehrling – I feel good” in the headphones I’m feeling more at home then ever.