2018 Reykjavik, Iceland

Since the first time I saw “When the raven flies” in the early 1990´s I wanted to go to Iceland and now I am finally here. Even if its only a short, temporary stop on my way I now have finally seen the magical land and I do know I will come back to explore it more but first I need to save up some money because it is expensive here, even for a Swede who are used to high prices and taxes on everything.

Iceland Air do have the benefit with free stop over at Iceland which is perfect for a trip like this, unfortunately it also mean I have limited time to explore. The first night was spent walking around in Reykjavik. Its a small, cozy city and beside its packed with tourists it also has a lot of restaurants, bars and guesthouses. I am not sure if I was lucky or if people here just are amazing chefs but the food was amazing and even if I never tried the fermented shark myself I start to drool every time I think back to the fish, horse and lamb I did try.

During day two we took a tour and started to visit Faxe which is a quite small but pretty waterfall, Gullfoss which a much bigger and probably Iceland’s most famous waterfall, Geysir to see the geysers and shooting water and of course, Þingvellir which is both the border between North america and Europe and the location where the worlds first parliament was started. If I only had more time I would love to dive in the water between the plates for the water was so crystal clear I cant even describe it but instead we hiked along the american plate and now I do know where RR Martin got his inspiration for the wall in Games of Thrones.

The last day we headed to the blue lagoon before we went back to the airport. Yes, it is a really nice place and it really pretty good to swim in hot water even if it doesn’t cure all deceases which they state but still. I cant help myself from thinking that all this is a hoax just to get as many dollars as possible from the tourists before they leave the island again.

This is bear country

My trip to Canada has one simple goal, to bike in one of the best bike parks in the world. Canada is huge and what I see is more or less a multi cultural resort where everything is possible as long as you have enough money for it. Not that fun but after spending a few days in the bike park I can say that it’s worth every penny. We have spent 4 days now and still haven’t had tried every trail they have and its more likely that your body sets the limit instead of the bike park. Today we took a day of resting which means that we took a hiking in Blackcomb, over 10km and 500m altimeter long, not much of a resting but the nature is totally beautiful here.

We never met or saw any bears but there is warning signs everywhere and we did meet a nice family of mammoths, a few birds and a squirrel that reminds me of Chip n Dale. Not many pictures when we bike but maybe, eventually there will be a short movie published once I get back home.