This is bear country

My trip to Canada has one simple goal, to bike in one of the best bike parks in the world. Canada is huge and what I see is more or less a multi cultural resort where everything is possible as long as you have enough money for it. Not that fun but after spending a few days in the bike park I can say that it’s worth every penny. We have spent 4 days now and still haven’t had tried every trail they have and its more likely that your body sets the limit instead of the bike park. Today we took a day of resting which means that we took a hiking in Blackcomb, over 10km and 500m altimeter long, not much of a resting but the nature is totally beautiful here.

We never met or saw any bears but there is warning signs everywhere and we did meet a nice family of mammoths, a few birds and a squirrel that reminds me of Chip n Dale. Not many pictures when we bike but maybe, eventually there will be a short movie published once I get back home.