We are in new New York

Part one of the trip is finished and incredible enough we did get through homeland security without any hassle. I thought we did a smart deal booking tickets at an american airline, I mean everybody knows the size of Americans so we should get plenty of space but well, that backfired and the plane is crap. It has bad air, its crowded and it feels really low budget overall but at least the food descent, especially for being airplane food. While passing Greenland we got a really good view from it and while Greenland is not really green, more filled with snow and ice the urge to go snowboarding arrived an we were a bit insecure if we made the right choice to get on a sun vacation instead of skiing.

Martin got “random selected” at the custom and my computer got scanned for explosives but that was not an issue and we found a boring diner to grab a cup of coffee while we waited on the next place, the airport in New York was not a funny one.

Arrived in Tamarindo

After an kind a awful drive from San José we are now finally in Tamarindo. The drive which we according to the naps 20 miles, which 15 of these were on Costa Ricas biggest road shouldnt be any problem we thought, 4 hours later we had to rethink and after 6 hours we finally arrived. It went up, down, left right like a snake and even if it was totally beautiful to see the nature or boiling brakes did not like it.

At the hostel we got our room which is really nice (with AC) and we could borrow surf boards from them, perfect and it was just to unload the car and then go to the beach! Once we got back from the beach we found a pal who wanted to come back to Sweden with us, we didnt like him though so we kicked him out into the jungle. Im to tired to take a picture so you have to imaging how a scorpion looks like.

The second day was also spent on the beach together small and big waves. the tidal gives an good break around 8-9 in the morning and arund 4 at the afternoon, perfect since it gives you plenty of time to chill while it anyway are to warm do anything

Soon time to get back to the reality

Last night in Santa Teresa and the day then we will go to San José and onward to Sweden is closing in. Santa Teresa is different, very different but really cool place to be at. The village is filled with hippies, surfers and a lot of suspicious people which are really fun to talk to. Our plan for tomorrow is to take a surf session on the morning and then get into the car and drive to Montezuma and some waterfall jumping. Then back to the car again and drive to the ferry which will bring us to Punta Arenas and from there we can drive to San José. Regarding the road conditions in this country we are not sure if we will make it but its at least an plan.

Yesterday we went to the liquor store so we could make some Cuba Libres, what a surprise when they had a bouncer with a shotgun walking around in store. A little bit weird and strange but he was nice and I’m not sure if it was because we are good customers or any other reasons but he open the door for us and our evening was spent drinking Cuba Libres while listening to the howling monkeys and other sounds from the jungle.

Going home via Montezuma and San José

We left Santa Teresa really early to follow our plan and stop in Montezuma and believe it or not, but we actually got here without any wrong turns at all. The town is really nice town, maybe most famous over that some celebrities has got themselves a safe harbor here with the pacific ocean on one side and jungle on the other. Another famous thing and the one who woke our curiosity was the waterfallsThere are several waterfall in the area and since we had limited time here we aimed for Montezuma which is the most famous one, the waterfall is actually three different falls where you can dive the first two. The first one was maybe around 5m which was a good start, the second one was 12m which was really nice to dive from and the third, well its huge and you cant jump from it but you can swim and sit at the edge of the waterfall and look down, what a view!Once we felt we were finished with the waterfall we jumped in our car and rushed towards the ferry. Instead of driving around the whole peninsula we took a ferry and saved many hours driving. We were not alone on this ferry and who knew that Costa ricans love to sing karaoke, it didn’t sound good,Once we got to San José we find out that our hotel we booked has closed and we cant in touch with the manager, well new plan and instead we spent the night at holiday inn, a lot more expensive than we thought but quite much higher standard too. Now a tiny nap before we head to the airport and leave for Stockholm