We are in new New York

Part one of the trip is finished and incredible enough we did get through homeland security without any hassle. I thought we did a smart deal booking tickets at an american airline, I mean everybody knows the size of Americans so we should get plenty of space but well, that backfired and the plane is crap. It has bad air, its crowded and it feels really low budget overall but at least the food descent, especially for being airplane food. While passing Greenland we got a really good view from it and while Greenland is not really green, more filled with snow and ice the urge to go snowboarding arrived an we were a bit insecure if we made the right choice to get on a sun vacation instead of skiing.

Martin got “random selected” at the custom and my computer got scanned for explosives but that was not an issue and we found a boring diner to grab a cup of coffee while we waited on the next place, the airport in New York was not a funny one.