Arrived to South Africa

Was easier than I thought to spend a lot of hours on Dubai airport and just as quick as a thought it was time to board the plane to Cape town. I confess I was not in my best condition and before the plane took off I was sleeping like baby. I woke however up to the smell of food and I still think that the Emirates food is one of the better when we are talking about airplane food. With some food and a glas of wine in my stomach I fell asleep again. Both the flight to Dubai and to Cape town was with an 777-300 which means you sit in groups of 3-4-3, on both my flight I was lucky though so I had my 3 by myself and I could use the extra two seats as a bed, really nice!

Once in Cape town Jonatan met me at the airport with our rental car and we drove off to Hermanus. Here we stay at a small hostel filled with Australians and Germans. I didn’t get much view of Cape town but more of that later but the view over cape town from the mountains we drove past was really beautiful. According to the signs the are driving along the “Whale route” so if I’m lucky I might even see a whale on this trip, so far its been most beer and beef jerky those few hours Ive been to Africa.