Arrived to South Africa

Was easier than I thought to spend a lot of hours on Dubai airport and just as quick as a thought it was time to board the plane to Cape town. I confess I was not in my best condition and before the plane took off I was sleeping like baby. I woke however up to the smell of food and I still think that the Emirates food is one of the better when we are talking about airplane food. With some food and a glas of wine in my stomach I fell asleep again. Both the flight to Dubai and to Cape town was with an 777-300 which means you sit in groups of 3-4-3, on both my flight I was lucky though so I had my 3 by myself and I could use the extra two seats as a bed, really nice!

Once in Cape town Jonatan met me at the airport with our rental car and we drove off to Hermanus. Here we stay at a small hostel filled with Australians and Germans. I didn’t get much view of Cape town but more of that later but the view over cape town from the mountains we drove past was really beautiful. According to the signs the are driving along the “Whale route” so if I’m lucky I might even see a whale on this trip, so far its been most beer and beef jerky those few hours Ive been to Africa.

Rainy weather so we drive instead

The weather forecast promised bad weather and just as promised we woke up to rain. That’s totally ok thought because our plan was to spend the day in the car and drive back to Cape town, well actually a little bit further to Simon’s Town which is located close to Cape of good hope. The driving went fine and as we approach Simon’s Town we were greeted by a couple of whales playing just a couple of hundred meters from the shore. Really cool and fun to see but damn they are hard to shoot with the camera.

At the evening I went all in on the African kitchen, Kudu, Crocodile and Impala and surprisingly enough the crocodile was the best one.


You want to get some coke?

I never got so many question about buying coke as here, in Cape Town. Wherever I go and where I stand people show up and ask me if I want to buy some coke, weed or anything other that makes you high. It might be because we live on one of the major bar streets but I mean come on, this is worse than Amsterdam.

More or less the whole dale yesterday was about traveling. From Livingstone to Johannesburg and then onto Cape Town. It feels kind a bizarre but I paid more for my tickets Livingstone-Cape Town than for my tickets Stockholm-Cape Town but now, after I did the trip I know it was worth every penny. Today I spent the day walking around in the center /Waterfront area and I realize that it doesn’t feel like Africa, more like any  big city in Europe and besides its a lot colder here. Well its not cold, around 25 degrees during the day which makes it perfect to walk around in the city and besides, its a good way to get used to the cold weather back home. During the nights though it gets colder and the temperature drops to around 10-15 degrees.

The flight here was a new experience by the way. Its the first time ever for me that I been told not to use my seatbelt or do anything that may cause a disturbance since they were refueling the plane. Once we arrived they once more got on the speaker and this time they told the people back in the plane to hurry to get into the front since the plane was about to tip over. Really? Is this really British airways?

Some pictures form the day, spent most of the time in Waterfront which is a really nice area, however a bit touristic.


I fell in a trap, the tourist trap

As it was the last evening in South Africa we decided its time to go meat frenzy, South Africa is almost as famous for their barbecue as Argentina and its so cheap here so lets enjoy our last supper. After a way to big plate of mixed barbecued beef, pork, chicken and ribs it was time for desert, a 200g steak.  You only live once or what do you use to say and even if we had meat overload it was so good and the meat sweating, they never came.

The last day in Cape Town where spent on Table mountain. We did however cheated some, we did the hike up to the cable car but then we took the cable car to the top and to be honest, I’m not impressed. Both according to commercial and tourist information the Table mountain is one of the natural wonders of the world but I think it was just a big tourist trap, on the top of a mountain so you cant escape it. It do however really gives you a amazing view over Cape Town and the surroundings and I do believe that if you hike all the way up to the top you will have another opinion of the mountain. Whats really cool though is how the mountain is perfect located from the Ocean so it “creates” wind that clears the smog and pollution from Cape Town and creates rain which makes the whole region really fertile. This is however not something you really can see so I guess you have to satisfy with the views and the kind a cool form of the mountain.