Greetings mr great white

We went up early today and left our hostel to get to the coast and go out on the sea and do some shark diving. The weather couldn’t be any better with blue sky, shining sun and almost no wind at all. The waves were kind a big but come in a slow set and none of us got seasick. Normally this kind of tour takes up to 25 persons but since it low season right now we were lucky and it was only 14, that means more time in the water for us.But to the honest I’m not really impressed. The sharks were tiny, the biggest were somewhere around 3m and they couldn’t care less about us. The swam around our cage and a couple were really close (you could poke it) but my heart rate didn’t raise for that. The dream would be to be inside the cage while an huge great white attacks the cage and trying to get a bite of the swede but I guess I have to continue to dream about that. The Atlantic water was not really warm but our wetsuits help some and at least I can say that I took a bath in the Atlantic this year too.After our little shark adventure we continued west and got to the soothest point of Africa. A rocky beach and a tiny landmark showed us were we where and its also here where the Atlantic ocean meets the Indian ocean, I should get into the water just to be able to say that I took a bath in both oceans. We decided to stay here over the night at a really nice and cozy hostel, unfortunately we are the only guests.