Travel by bus

Started the day really relaxing with breakfast and a walk toward the bus terminal to get some ticket for what I think would be an easy bus ride through Paraguay towards the border to Brazil, well…that didn’t happen.

To buy the ticket was no problem and we only had to wait one hour which were spend drinking Tereré, Paraguay’s national drink which has a strong taste of mint but is actually really tasty. Once the time closing in to departure one piece of shit bus rolled into the terminal and yes, that was mine.

Ive been spoiled with the buses in South America so this was a disaster, almost 39 degrees outside and I get a bus without air condition, rock hard seats and the toilet, well I didn’t even dared to visit it. I’ve never seen any time schedule in this country but according to wikitravel the bus ride should take about 4h, mine took 6h. Of course the shitty bus malfunction roughly half way and we had to wait for the next bus instead.

I have now crossed the country from south to north, started in Encarnación and ended in Ciudad del Este and even if i don’t regret the trip itself I cant really recommend anyone to do the same. Sure Paraguay is really beautiful with the green nature, huge farms and absolutely no tourists. The last thing may have a reason, there is nothing to do here. Sure the people are super friendly, the food is really, really good and its so cheap here bit still there is nothing to really do and you will get bored within a few hours.

That means I took my backpack and crossed the border to Brazil again. Tomorrow it will be to explore the Iguazu falls from the Brazilian side.