Another election day

Wise from my experience from Bolivia me and Jonatan, a friend who I met in Buenos Aires took the night bus from Buenos Aires towards Posadas. A night later and we arrived, watched out over the parana river which is the border between Argentina and Paraguay. However our plans failed directly, the train that we were supposed to take to cross the border was of course shut down because of the election day. Instead we had to improvise and take a taxi. A bit more expensive than expected but still cheap and just a few minutes later we were on the safe side, in Encarnación.

Today is Sunday though and I have no idea why but every shop and almost all restaurants are closed here on Sundays. So yea, we got rid of the shut down but we have still nothing to do. Our plan to visit the old Jesuit ruins got spoiled by heavy winds and rain but at least we don’t have any stone throwing protesters or teargas shooting police here.

Encarnación is not a big city and even if most of the things are closed today we did find something to eat and a nice drink at Playa San Jose. In other words we had a very calm, relaxing day which mostly was strolling around in an empty city center. It was really like a ghost town with no other people around and when we entered the City Park it was almost creepy, more abounded feeling than I got of visiting Pripyat. Towards the afternoon the rain and wind slowed down and other people started to appear on the streets, feels better but almost everything is still closed.