Iguazu falls, Brazil

Mine and Jonatans hostel in Foz do Iguacu was not really a hostel, relative big room, private bathroom and we neither saw or heard any other guest made it felt like it was more a B&B than a hostel, but a really good one. The brazilian couple who run it was super nice and even if both the spanish and engling was struggling from both parts we made ourselves understood and I got a sweet breakfast and a hot water shower, I don’t demand more than that!

We spent the day checking out Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side. The waterfall that actually is a system of 275 different waterfalls is classified as one of the wonder of nature and yes, its incredible beautiful at a must to visit. Still I cant resist feeling a bit meh about it. It is beautiful, the waterfalls are huge and impressive but I think I heard to much good things about this place and it simple cant live up to the hype

You can do a lot of research about the greatness of the falls but it is still only text, best if you can go over here and watch em yourself and get your own opinion like I did. The falls are big but not huge even if many many liters of water pass every second, the environment in amazing and if you are lucky you will spot a jaguar (I didn’t). However I did meet a few lizards and even a couple of friendly coat’s.

Tomorrow I will visit the falls from the Argentinean side, hopefully it will take my breath away but meanwhile I suggest that you go here yourself but try to keep the expectations down a bit.