Whatever you want everything has an end and Im right now at the aiport for going back to the reality.

It has been some busy months here so in one kind of way it will be nice to go back to the ordinary routine with work – eat – sleep and then repeat but if it was possible I would grab my backpack and just continoue, but in a slower tempo since my brain is almost exploding of everything Ive seen and experienced.

In total I’ve seen two of the seven modern wonders of the world (Christ the Redeemer and Macchu Picchu) and two of the natural wonders of the world (Amazon and Iguazu Falls). It has plenty if nights at hostels, some luxury and top 3 of places I ever slept at while other has been real dump. I have been flying, rolling by train, I’ve been standing in the bow of the ferries and Ive been traveling by bus, a lot of time on buses. I knew before I left that the distances will be big but I couldn’t really imaging how big south america is and how long time all traveling actually take!

I have been eating like a king, even if that includes that I tried to eat both termites and guinea pig. I experienced a president election and the following riots, just as it is expected to be in a latin american country. I was introduced to the famous south american hospitality when I was invited to an Asado even if my Spanish is just as bad as their English was. I drank Caipirinha on the Copacabana beach, drove motorbike through the salt desert, hiking in the mountains and been eaten by mosquitoes in the jungle.

I have experienced pretty everything which I was hoping for plus more and met new friends from all around the world. It is a fact that people are more social and open here compared to us from northern Europe but that it should be so dangerous here, that’s just not true as long as you use your common sense!