Iguazu Falls, Argentina side

As you might noticed I wasn’t really impressed by the waterfalls Iguazu Falls yesterday but since many recommends that you should start with Brazilian side and the move over to the more cool side, Argentina.

Of course I followed the recommendations and yesterday I once again crossed the border to Argentina. My passport is soon filled with stamps only from Argentina border crossings and at this morning after an descent breakfast I headed over to the falls again, this time on Argentina side.

The first thing to my mind is how much more exploited it is here, sure the bus from Puerto Iguazu to the falls is falling a part but once you get to the national park everything is really nice. Yes there is plenty of people but it still works really nice, even the queuing works. Once inside the area it is really tourist friendly and you have multiple options, there are trails for walking, trains to take you to the top and even boats you could join to get a really close experience from the falls (unfortunately it was fully booked) and well, in general everything is so much easier here.

We decided to start with “Devil’s throat“, the biggest fall and probably the main attraction of the park. To get here you will need to get the train since its pretty long to walk and there are no hiking paths. Well, once we were on the train we actually saw that you could walk just along side the railway but in 39 degrees I wouldn’t recommend it. Just take the train, its free anyway. Once you get to the top you still have to walk a bit but oh my god, yes its totally worth it!
My skepticism towards the falls are gone and its finally feels like a true wonder of the world now. Yes there is plenty of people and you cant really catch it on camera but it is breathtaking

After we had visited what felt like the crown jewel we decided to hike the “lower walk“, a small hike for 2km which is fully prepared for disabled people (its an easy walk). To be honest I didn’t had any high expectations on this but to be honest this was almost even better. You get a really, really good overview of the falls and you also get close to some of them. The only thing I can possible complain on is the lack of animals, the coati are everywhere but besides that I didn’t saw much more than a few lizards and birds, a bonus though is that you actually saw the fishes through the crystal clear water