Palermo, Buenos Aires

The end of my journey is getting close but first I have to visit the part of the city which everybody recommends me to go to, Palermo. Palermo is big and splitted up in several smallen districts like Hollywood and Soho where there is hipsters everywhere and the next bar if fancier than the other.

It feels a bit to come to a bigger version of Södermalm, Stockhom. Everybody compete about being different and unique without pushing the limits to far so you become weird. It just feels fake and very superficial but at the same time its nice to go from bar to bar and use one of the rooftops for a nice view and good beer. There are also a few really nice parks here like for example Parque Tres de Febrero which probably is one of the best parks ever to use for an date with its rose garden or the Japanese garden which in contrast to its cousin in Paraguay actually is a garden which makes me feel that I really like the area, just like Södermalm.

The evening was finished like an beer evening should be finished, with pizza. This time however it was different since I for the first time tried a vegan pizza. The bread and the tomato sauce was really good however the cheese substitute made of tofu was, different…to be nice.

To try to summarize my experience of Buenos Aires is hard, its a huge city which for sure has something for everybody. The Italian influence is strong but English works pretty good, it do however help if you speak Spanish. The security is good and I never felt unsafe anywhere in the city but at the same time, that is my experience of all of south america on this trip. I think the best way to describe the city is like a mix of New York and Barcelona, big, chaotic and totally, totally amazing