Back in Buenos Aires

Full of impressions after my trip to Antartica (which will get a own chapter) I am now back in Buenos Aires for a couple of days relaxing and exploring the city. I have spent some time here before and at that time I visited a couple of the tourist attractions you should do, like Cementerio de la Recoleta. A fancy graveyard, more like a necropolis where for example Evita is buried. Myself was more interested of seeing the necropolis though and one mausoleum is greater than the other one. Some of them even have glass or are open so you can see the coffins, a bit creepy but for sure real interesting to see and overall, very beautiful.

I also visited La boca before my trip to Antartica. Earlier this was a rough neighborhood probably mot famous for being the birthplace of tango but added some paint and KABOOM, now its a huge tourist magnet. No, I didn’t dance any tango and I didn’t pose on the balcony like all other tourists, instead I had a beer and looked on all the people of the streets, the houses, felt the atmosphere while chewing on a choripan, a sort of hot dog.

Today it instead was a tour to reserva ecologica, a marshy land which was built by the Argentinean military government a long time ago and today is a popular recreation area. You can bike, run, bird watch or just sit down at the shore to Rio de la Plata. Apparently there is supposed to be over 300 different species of birds here but I’m not a birder so I enjoyed the sun and the nature instead.

I also found ARA Uruguay today, the corvette which both saved the life and the expedition for Nordenskiöld. A story about a Antarctic expedition in the early twenty-century there most things went wrong but still has a happy ending, at least until a bus made sure that this is the end for Nordenskiölds adventures on a street back in Gothenburg.

The lunch today was meat buffet, no I’m not kidding. It was really a buffet with a big table of salad (who cares) and a barbecue with two or maybe three chefs there you simple handed over your plate and said which pieces you wanted. A problem for me who doesn’t speak Spanish but luckily they had pictures of both a cow and a pig with the name of the different parts, pretty clever and a real good deal for me! Maybe not a surprise I’m not back at the hostel, having meat-sweats and cant move but gosh it was worth it!