The last night on the ship

The passage through Drake passage continued to be calm and we even arrived before schedule which made it possible for us to take a drive around Staten Island. More penguins, birds and rocks which I kind a feel I already seen enough of. I would rather take a trip to Cape Horn but Chile refuse to let us enter their water. As I understood it and it may be completely wrong it wouldn’t be any problem to enter Chilean water if our captain was from Chile or if we had embarked in Chile. Neither of that is true for us since our captain is Russian and we embarked in Argentina so nope, we were simple not welcome. Even if we arrived before schedule we cannot enter Ushuaia earlier, our pilot will arrive at 01.00 so we had to spend the day watching birds and just relaxing while the evening was a bit more exciting-

We started with making a toast together with the captain and acknowledgment the crew. George (our photo/video guide) had spent some time and edited together a short video using video clips we passengers had taken during the trip and Neill (our photo guide) had put together a nice slideshow of his favorite pictures from the trip. Of course we got an copy of it which you can see below.

The clock was ticking and the older people went to bed one after another while we “youngsters” stayed up late, having some drinks and discussed what to do now and best/worst part of the trip. One thing that we all agreed on was that it has been an incredible, amazing trip bit I have problem putting words on it, I don’t think I processed all my experiences from the last month yet.

Georges video edit
Neills slideshow
Credits Bill Smith