Tigre, Buenos Aires

The idea of taking it calm and easy had to be held back in favor of exploring the river delta along Rio de la Plata. A bus trip later, changing to train which felt like taking forever but in reality was close to 1.5 hours only I arrived to the outskirts of Buenos Aires, in Tigre.

Of course it started to rain just as I arrived and my rain coat, yes that one I left at the hostel to minimize my luggage. It didnt stop me though from jumping on a catamaran to see the delta and luckily for me there was roof on the ship. The river/rivers had a brown, kind a nasty color but that didn’t stop the local from taking a swim and me who were expecting some sort of wilderness was a bit surprised that almost everything was exploited and there was housed everywhere. Piers and small summer houses everywhere and one was fancier than the other, I guess this is like what the archipelago is for people who live in Stockholm, a perfect getaway during the hot summer days. The other thing that makes me think is the amount of shipwrecks along the shore. At least from distance it looks like they are cleaned from everything that might have a value which would mean its not a environmental disaster but still a huge contrast toward the nice houses on the island on the opposite of the river. I like the mix but it is kind a odd for sure.

After checking Google Maps I decided to only take the train halfway back home and walk along the shoreline in some nice parks. A really good idea however these parks were not open for the public. Instead it was one park for the police, one for the navy and so on. Instead of a nice walk in the park I had to stroll between the highway and the barbed wire fence to the park, not what I had in mind but an experience for sure and I even met some local under a highway bridge. Homeless people is pretty usual to see here but these were just as happy and surprised to see me in their territory while they were making tea, wise from the story about the three billy goats gruff I however did not stop and had a chat with them, who knows how that would end!

Just as a coincidence I also reached Tierra Santa, a form of artificial Jerusalem in the middle of Buenons Aires. Everything here is plastic and made up, even the palm trees who actually grow wild in the city and yea, Im not really sure what this park is about. Unfortunately for me it is only open between Thursday and Sundays so I couldn’t enter and enjoy the spectacle but the small parts I saw while looking over the fences was really super tacky.