Nothing new on the west bank

Today I went back to the west bank and more exact to the city Hebron, maybe one of the cities which best show the situation here in Israel. In the city we have Israelites,  ultra orthodox jews and Palestines and the conflict between them started way back in time, long before the state of Israel was founded. Both sides has been doing massacres so none are innocent and both sides are trying to show proof that they were here first. To solve the issue Israel split the city in two zones, H1 which is the Palestine part and H2 which is the jewish part. A jew is not allowed to H1 and vice verse and the city has somewhere around 200 000 Palestines against 700 jews. Even if Sweden among some other countries have acknowledge Palestine as a country Israel has not and its clear that the around 2000 soldiers which are deployed here has one mission, protect the jews.

To try to understand or at least to see it and be able to form an opinion by myself I took a guided tour where you during the morning spent time in H1 (jewish zone) and during afternoon spent time in H2 (Palestine). Since its really strict who are on which side its only us tourist who can visit both sides which means that we had different guides and in that way heard two completely different stories about whats going on. That setup was really good and I can really recommend it. Both guides let us meet an local families who lives in the city and both describes how good, friendly they are and that they only want peace but at the same time how blood thirsty the other part is.

To summarize my experience is hard and to be honest I still cant take any part, both sides act childish and I think our guide Muhammed said it best, “if we want peace we need to work together but neither side are interested in that”. In my view I think that both sides makes to much money on the conflict and as long as they make money on it, the conflict will continue and the common man are the one who gets stricken.