Jerusalem is not a big city, with its humble number of 850 000 citizens its more like my own town Stockholm than for example Tokyo, however it has far more interesting history. According to Wikipedia it is one of the oldest cities in the world and two countries has declared it as their capitol. If this is not enough to make it interesting the three major Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) has declared the city sacred and of course they share sanctums. Does it work? No, not really.

By above reasons its not an uncommon view to see soldiers with automatic weapons or police officers running around with the gun in their hands and during my free tour around the old city we ended up right then police stormed a house, since it was only we tourist who looked with a mix of freighting and curiosity I guess thats a pretty common sight in this city.

After the tour and when I thought that I had learned to navigate in this maze of streets and roof tops (yea, you walk on the roof tops then you go somewhere quick) I started to walk along by myself and it was no problem to get up on the roof, but where is the exit and which exit should I take? Instead of admitting my defeat I chose to ask my way around and even if my Hebrew is not the best (actually none existent) it went pretty and its the closest I ever get to Assassins Creed in real life.