Rainy Jerusalem

A rainy and rather gray day in Jerusalem screwed my plans of going swimming in the dead sea and enjoying some nice sun bathing, instead I hanged around in a wet Jerusalem. Indeed it was nice too and it gives me an perfectly valid excuse to return to the area another time. Anyway, I started the day browsing through the local market which is located more or less just outside my hostel. Everything looked so nice but I’m not sure its the best way to start the day with an basket of olives, instead I played safe and took a regular cup of coffee and croissant. Together with a cigarette or two its for sure a breakfast for champions.
After breakfast I tried to hunt down the book “Catch the jew” by Tuvia Tenenbom which a couple of people recommended me to read but even if I visited several bookshops I couldn’t find it, guess I have to buy it online once I get back home.

During the afternoon the rain stopped and I moved to one of the holiest place ever, at least if you are christian. I’m talking about the church of the holy. I’m not religious myself but people from at least six different branches of Christianity make pilgrim trips to this church so it  must be worth a visit and yes it was. The church is huge and it was packed with people and just a briefly look at the queue down to the actual grave made me decide that no matter how holy this is, I will not stand in that queue. Instead I randomly walked around in church and once I felt that I know this now the big question raised, how do I find my way out? A couple of floors later and once again I see the sunlight and of course gets jumped by people who try to sell junk to you in form of souvenirs, tourist trap deluxe.