Day trip to Uruguay

Colonia del sacramento is a small town just beside Rio de la plata in Uruguay and apparently it is the oldest in the Country. The town was created by the Portuguese while they were colonizing south america and a few war later Spain took over, fast forwarding to today it is Uruguay.

The town is as I previously stated really small and to be honest, the modern part of the town is not much to see. According to Wikipedia the town has a population around 20 000 but it wasn’t these who dragged me to the town. Instead it was their historical part which according to rumors are supposed to be really good and they are even on UNESCO world heritage list.

Ok I haven’t been to Portugal yet but it do really feel like you arrived to a small, picturesque town close to the Mediterranean sea. Narrow streets, white and 1-floor only houses by stone, a lighthouse in the middle of the town and of course, packed with restaurants, bars and cafes. It is very touristic and you hear french, german and italian everywhere but I don’t really care, it is so nice to just stroll without a plan here.

But wasn’t my plan to go to Buenos Aires? Yes and that’s there I have my base for the moment however it is so good that you can take the express ferry and within 45 minutes you arrive in Colonia. With the town size in mind its perfect to go here as a day-project and the only negative thing i can recognize is that I now have 3 new stamps in my passport, that’s a whole side and Swedish passports do not have enough of pages, that’s for sure!