Last day of skiing

The gondola finally open up again and we once more could enjoy the amazing view over Himalaya, try to breath in the thin air but most important, get some high quality skiing, The snow could be much better since its warm and like a slurpy but we didn’t care. We just enjoyed to 100% of our last day of skiing on this trip. On creepy thing happen though, i was on my way down a canyon when I hear a loudly crack and I see how a large crack through the snow. Luckily for me it stayed to just be a crack but it was enough to rise my pulse and it didnt took many seconds for me to move from the  canyon up to my safepoint. It would be a bad way to end the vacation but yea, no problem so far.

Late afternoon and we are back at the hotel when suddently the hotel staff more or less kick in our door yelling “sir sir, come outside, monkeys!” and yes..they were correct. The whole area outside and around the hotel was filled with snow monkeys in all kind of sizes, some fat, some thin, some old and some newly born. We took so many pictures of them and laughed at the monkeys and the hotel staff laughed at us. I cant imaging a better way to spend my last day in Kashmir.

During our classic evening tea we started to discuss wild animals and the hotel manager didnt belive us when we told him we dont have any monkeys in Sweden. After we tried convince him for a while he started to ask about tigers and leopards, we told him that we have some bears and mooses but I dont think he belived us. In short, Sweden wildlife is boring compared to this!


“But you do have tigers or leopards?”
-Hotel manager ask about the Swedish wildlife