Last day in Gulmarg

We took an early breakfast today to be able to say good bye to Johan who left today. Once he left we headed back to our room and started to pack our stuff. Its crazy how much stuff we brought with us and after a while some indian guys came over. We met them a couple of days ago and they were interested in buying my snowboard but if I knew the culture here with all the bargain, cursing and everything I would never sold it. Now it was just to play along and finally we agreed to a price of €250, thats a really good price for them and for me? Well I more or less got the board for free and now I dont have to carry with me back home so win win I would say,

Next stop was the market, I finally decided to get my fit sized hoodie, even more candy and of course we had to walk past the jewelery store to pickup my necklace. This guy was even more crazy today and he offered us tea and non stop talking and smoking. Then he started to talk about looking into the sun to become a new person who doesn’t need to eat and can see the future I kind a stopped listening to him but the necklace is nice and I got his business card if anyone want to get in contact with him.

We also got invited over on a evening tea at the tailor, he told us that he was running a family company funded 1953 and they were using more or less any material you can think of, I saw one huge fur-coat which I think was made of fox (not sure though) and with that you will survive another ice age. In the middle of our discussion about how to make the perfect kahwah the local Imam came by and suddenly the topic changed to what the thought about Kashmir which by best description is paradise.

We ended the night with giving away pretty much as much as possible of the stuff we dont want/need anymore. Hats, T-shirts, shovel…everything goes as presents to the hotel staff and they are really happy about it. The also paid our hotel, one month on a hotel including breakfast and dinner ended up at €300, that is crazy cheap!

“You tip 760 rupies?”
-Surprised hotel manager