Woke up late today since the weather forecast has been telling us that today it will snow (which means closed gondola). Martin wakes up pretty much at the same time so we chatting some before we decide to get up and then suddenly I feel that the bed starts to vibrate. I belive that its Martin who makes one of the biggest farts on earth but my laugh stops as soon as I realize that now the whole hotel is shaking. It ends as fast as it started though and no damages to us or our hotel, well our roof cracked but it could be worse and Im really glad I was not on the top of the mountain during the earthquake. I guess it may have triggered both one or two avalanches.

Looking out we saw the forecast was correct and once again we are snowed in Gulmarg. The gondola is closed and we cant leave the village because of all snow. Instead we decided to climb Monkey Hill which are a hill in the size of the Ski resorts in southern Sweden. In other word not very big but tight forest and pretty steep which makes it really fun and since you can use the tree trunk as playground its more like a slopestyle course than anything else. The name is of course because the whole hill is populated by snow monkeys but today they had hidden themselves from the snow storm so we didn’t saw any.I think monkey hill is an awesome place if you have the right equipment. My snowboard is built for big mountains and demands pretty much speed before you can control it in an easy way, that is not easy in a tight forest but Martin did some awesome runs between the trees like it was a walk in the park,

“Have you seen Niklas?”
-Martin searches for our house monkey we named Niklas