Pine Palace

Blue sky, shining sun and really warm outside so we decided to take another relaxed day on Pine Palace. A lot of tea, sandwiches and doing some actually work with Mats and Matx stuff for the Swedish Radio. After plenty of struggling we also found out why this website has been offline for a while and of course its was my ISP Bredbandsbolaget who had problems and trying to fix that from a remote country, in the middle of nowhere is easier said then done but somehow I managed to get it to work.

You can really tell that it starts to get close to the end of february, the days are getting warmer and warmer for everyday which unfortunately gives us pretty bad snow condition. Well bad, its probably better snow here right now then what I ever seen in Sweden but still you get spoiled but we are holding our thumbs for some new, fresh snow tomorrow. At Pine Palace we met a couple of Estonian people who after a while offered to share their hookah and well, it didnt smell like haschish like everything else do here, and the flavor was pretty standard but KABOOM, suddenly we were totally wasted for a couple of hours. I have no idea what they prepared that pipe with but it did its work, a bit scary in the beginning but after some hours, a pizza and alot of coke we started to feel like people again,

Many hours later when we arrived back to our hotel the staff was all crazy, apperently they been nervous about us since we never came back from skiing as we used to once the gondola closed. Everybody was happy though that we came back alive and nothing happends except maybe the chef. He had made a huge dinner that none of us wanted since we had pizza in our stomach.

“Hashish is widely available at the hotel”
-Censoured hotellmanager