RIP Niklas

Something terrible has happen and we all are in a shock. The last time we saw Niklas (our house monkey) was 10 February and like a coinsidence it what the same day we had meat. Since then our monkey has been lost and we only been served chicken. Today we had to ask the hotel staff and yes, Niklas is dead and even if we never got an real answer he is probably eaten by some hungry swedes. I am so sorry and Niklas may you rest in peace!

Today Max and Mats decided to give up skiiing and move on. The weather forecast estimates another snowstorm and our discussions had going on if we should stay to take some last days skiing, if we should travel around India a bit or go to Sri lanka for some surfing before its time to head back home to Sweden. A couple of beers later we decided that me, Martin and Johan stays in Gulmarg for hopefully some magical last days of skiing while Max and Mats travel to Sri Lanka for some surfing. It  feels a bit sad to split up like this since we had a blast together and we wish them all luck with the surfing,

Back at the hotel our hotel manager ask us if we wanted to visit his home village for a cup of tea and just to see how the locals live. This is a honor and I dont know what to say more than I really looking forward and it will be so fun!


“Thank you, it was very pleasant”
-Max ttries to thanks for the food