Soon time to get back to the reality

Last night in Santa Teresa and the day then we will go to San José and onward to Sweden is closing in. Santa Teresa is different, very different but really cool place to be at. The village is filled with hippies, surfers and a lot of suspicious people which are really fun to talk to. Our plan for tomorrow is to take a surf session on the morning and then get into the car and drive to Montezuma and some waterfall jumping. Then back to the car again and drive to the ferry which will bring us to Punta Arenas and from there we can drive to San José. Regarding the road conditions in this country we are not sure if we will make it but its at least an plan.

Yesterday we went to the liquor store so we could make some Cuba Libres, what a surprise when they had a bouncer with a shotgun walking around in store. A little bit weird and strange but he was nice and I’m not sure if it was because we are good customers or any other reasons but he open the door for us and our evening was spent drinking Cuba Libres while listening to the howling monkeys and other sounds from the jungle.