Going home via Montezuma and San José

We left Santa Teresa really early to follow our plan and stop in Montezuma and believe it or not, but we actually got here without any wrong turns at all. The town is really nice town, maybe most famous over that some celebrities has got themselves a safe harbor here with the pacific ocean on one side and jungle on the other. Another famous thing and the one who woke our curiosity was the waterfallsThere are several waterfall in the area and since we had limited time here we aimed for Montezuma which is the most famous one, the waterfall is actually three different falls where you can dive the first two. The first one was maybe around 5m which was a good start, the second one was 12m which was really nice to dive from and the third, well its huge and you cant jump from it but you can swim and sit at the edge of the waterfall and look down, what a view!Once we felt we were finished with the waterfall we jumped in our car and rushed towards the ferry. Instead of driving around the whole peninsula we took a ferry and saved many hours driving. We were not alone on this ferry and who knew that Costa ricans love to sing karaoke, it didn’t sound good,Once we got to San José we find out that our hotel we booked has closed and we cant in touch with the manager, well new plan and instead we spent the night at holiday inn, a lot more expensive than we thought but quite much higher standard too. Now a tiny nap before we head to the airport and leave for Stockholm