Banjar Hot springs, Brahmavihara-AramaBanjar and Lovina

Not long after yesterdays middag I started to feel a bit, not right and I don’t think I need to say anything more. Perfect timing since today our private guide will pick us up for a visit to Banja Hot Spring. Well not much you can do about except eat a lot of Imodium and pray.

Banja Hot Spring is as you can hear on the name hot springs where you can go for a swim. The water did not really looked inviting to be honest and the smell, if you ever been around a hot spring before you know and if not, just trust me. It smells like rotten egg. Once in the water though it was really, really nice. They had three different pools in some sort of terrace structure where it was hottest water in the pool on top and then colder and colder for each level Colder does not mean cold though, even if it was around 25 degrees in the air it was warm to jump into the water in all pools. All the fools also had dragon heads above the pool, just lika shower. Cant really describe how good it was to just stand/sit under one of those and just relax.

After spent a few hours in the hot spring it was time to become serious and visit a buddhistic temple. Shorts are not welcome so I had to dress in a sarong (they lend it out for free) and once I got into the temple area I was struck of the silence. It was so calm, silent and beautiful. There were multiple different classes in meditation and even if I really enjoyed the area, the calmness and silence I don’t think meditation classes is something for me.

After a long day we arrived to Lovina, a touristic beach town at northern Bali. This is the first stay that I have not booked myself (it’s included in the tour) and it also the first stay then I ever had where they drove me to my room in a golf car after check in. As you can hear the living is a couple of levels higher than what I normally booked but even so, I just noticed a lizard in the bathroom.

But what about the stomach? Well so far 24 hours without any need to visit the restroom, Imodium is good shit!