Munduk – Jungle hike to waterfalls

Todays goal was to visit waterfalls. Munduk is kind a famous for their multiple waterfalls and to not have to walk along the larger roads where an guide was hired who could take us through the rice fields and forest to a few different falls and what a hit it was.

First of all, he spoke really good english so he could both explain things for us but also, we could ask questions. This might be common sense for you guys but I had for example no idea that you may harvest rice two times per year, each rice field/terrace has its own owner and they use palm trees to mark the borders and the most dangerous animal on Bali is dogs.

Once we left the rice fields and entered the forest it was for sure that we would have been lost without our guide but not only that. Our guide had a background as biologist and could and did explain a lot about the eco system right here and while walking along a tiny path he pointed out both fruits, nuts, spices and large crickets. I have probably missed something but we saw and tasted/smelled at wild ginger, turmeric, nutmeg, papaya, pepper, avocados, bananas and something I never seen or heard about before, snake fruit (salak). It is called snake fruit because if its skin but it tastes a bit like mango.

But what about the waterfalls? Yes we did find three of four in Munduk Valley. Red Coral Waterfall which was the first we visited was elegant, almost as controlled water flow lite from a shower. Labuan, our second was much smaller in height but still more brutal since it was wider and the last, Melanting water was the biggest, 75m high and when you are standing there, at the bottom and doesnt here anything else than the wild roar and feel the wind from the water, then you really feel small.