Drakes passage

We have turned north again and even if its almost three days of sailing before we reach Ushuaia it feels like I already has checked out. The crew do what they can to keep us occupied and the birders are of course on deck, trying to spot even more birds but I feel that its kind a over now. Instead I spend most of my time in the lounge, playing cards, talking to all the nice people on the ship and drink a lot of tea.

When I booked the trip I had a feeling that the average age would be quite high but I would never guessed 69 as it is. The oldest, a lady from Netherlands were 87 and that is just as crazy as cool. And yes, she did all the landings and all the stuff that we other did. Lucky for me we are a gang of younger people too, even if we are not any youngsters.

In the sunset we arrived to Drakes passage which is pretty famous for its rough weather and water. To the west of us there in a hurricane and to the east of us there is an storm, however where we are it is really calm. I would say Drake the lake but we did try to play Jenga but the tower collapsed before we even started to play so maybe not calm as a lake but still, its not living up to its reputation!

Credits Bill Smith