At sea

Woke up exactly 07.30 by the cracking sound in the speakers before Mikael, our restaurant/hotel manager wished us a good morning and welcomed us to the dining room for breakfast. I noticed fairly fast that the ship was rolling a bit in the high waves so there was no queue for neither breakfast or lunch. One of my roommates started to feel ill and but a quick visit to the doctor fixed that, a nice patch behind the ear and he was back to normal again. Myself didn’t noticed anything but when Jesper went to the doctor I took one pill, just in case. I mean I have already bought these pills to prevent sea sickness and its not that fun to be ill so better take one just in case.

We are now out in the middle of nowhere and the sea makes you feel small. Besides the company of a few sea birds you don’t see or hear a living thing out here, well besides a few dolphins who came by but disappeared even before I was able to bring up my camera and shoot em. In other words the day today has been really calm. We have been eating, collecting some gears like life vests (for zodiac cruising) and rubber boots, eating some more and then some lectures before we eat even more. I will be both spoiled and fat from this trip because the portions of the food is just as large as they are many and it tastes even better.

According to plan it will be at least one more whole day at sea before we reach north west of Falkland Island. Its a relaxed, calm feeling on the ship and I kind a like it, I kind a need it after my adventure in South America however it will be nice to see land again and maybe mostly, to walk a bit but if a whale or a albatross will come by I may change my mind about it.