Dead man walking

Time to leave Puerto Madryn and to embark the ship you will need to walk out on a long pier into the ocean. The feeling of walking along the pier is different, a bit like “Dead man walking” but in a good way. The sun is shining, shorts, t-shirt, flip flops and of course the backpack. I spent the whole yesterday on whale safari and this morning snorkeling with sea lions, life is simple and good! The other passengers are a bit different though, they have huge suitcases and are dressed up with the latest collection from Fjällräven and Northface. They look very questionable on me, I look very questionable on them, why dress up like you are going on a hike when we only gonna embark the ship? The ship is by the way brand new, really nice but maybe a bit big with its capacity of 170 passengers. I share my cabin with Jesper and Morten, two danish guys which are just a few years older than me and together with form a Scandinavian cabin, this gonna be awesome!

The ship depart and I’m finally on my way to fulfill a very old dream of mine. However before we even left the harbor we had the mandatory security drill so put on your life vest, grab the survival suit and find your life boat. Even if the ship only has two life boats the number of people who went to the wrong one is surprisingly many, I guess the drill is a good idea.

After that its introduction of all the guides and dinner. To make it easy this first evening we had a dinner buffet but the rest of the days we will have a 3-course dinner and breakfast and lunch buffet, I will become fat on this trip! The captain set course towards Falkland Island while we start eating and socialize, after all we are gonna share a cabin for three weeks now.