Photo session

The snow is still dumping and the gondola is closed. So instead of going up the mountain we aimed for a photo and video session close to the army compound. Yesterday we looked for sweet lines to take, today we took em. Pillows and bumbs, small drops all lined up so beautiful and that we just couldn’t stop smiling. More than one crash might occurred but the snow was deep so that wasnt any problem and the camera caught everything, even my faceplant  in an attempt to make a frontflip. It was a good idea however then I tried to stamp off to get into a spin I just fell through the snow and wel, the rotation wasnt really started and well, I came a half lap and landed straight at my nose. After a chicken soup to lunch Max and Martin started to feel ill so they went back to the hotel to rest while we other went back and did some more riding, hopefully its just lack of water and food which makes them feel but but I guess they will see that tomorrow.

We also took a trip down to the local ski shop here in Gulmarg. To be honest I didn’t really had any expectations on stuff to buy there but I must confess I am impressed. They had really nice stuff and everything from Pieps transponders to modern and good snow shoes and of course, modern skis. It feels really good that they try to keep up as a modern ski resort but the gondola has only been open 3 of 10 days so far so I guess thet have some working to do before they can compete with the alps.

Back at our hotel we more or less have become friends with the staff. Its our ordinary routine now that once we get back from skiing we sit down in the lobby, have some tea, smoke some cigarettes and have a talk together with the hotel staff. They want just like any other local here buy whatever we have and it feels kind a weird that when they ask to buy your snowboard you know that the price on that board back home costs pretty much what they earn in a year. Today they even prepared a special meal for us, mutton! So far we only been eating chicken so this was a real nice change, 

“Where is tackla?”
– Our guide has given me a nickname