Its on!

Woke up really stoked to get up on the mountain but no luck for me. After a quick discussion of what the time was (one clock said 9, the other 12) we went down for breakfast and noticed that it was snowing, alot! Before we decided to go to Gulmarg we did some background checks and we heard the rumors that the snow can really dump here but we couldn’t believe it was like this. the snowflakes were huge and the snow was so light and fluffy I cant describe it. Overall it has dumped around 1m of snow during one day, that is insane!

The sad part is that its snowing so much that the gondola is closed but instead we put on the snow shoes and hiked all day long. After a couple of runs we found an old house which was more like a a ruin, while using our imagination we built a small kicker on the balcony, to get the speed? We used the former roof down to the kicker before we got airborne and just before I got airborne I got the thought; “shit, this is exotic”

After an happy day we did another attempt to withdrawn money today and it worked, however Martin took all the money so I couldn’t withdrawn any so I guess now he has to pay everything.


“Its on like donkey kong”
-Chriss Rubens