From now it can only be better

It feels like it was ages since last since pandemics and who know what but I am finally on my way again. Left my home with my backpack and this time I aim to escape Swedens darkness and winter cold for blue skies and a warming sun at Bali Now, since I fly with Emirates the trip goes via Dubai, of course.

Bali is far away from Sweden and the flight is really brutal, therefore I was really happy when I found this flight with a short stop in Dubai, roughly three hours before next flight to Denpasar, Bali. Unfortunately for me, Emirates did now followed their own plan and suddenly my flight was rescheduled to a 8 hours break in Dubai. If this wasn’t enough the plane was completely fully booked and my chair neighbour smelled like she hadn’t discovered showers yet, multiple people were coffin and if thats not bad enough, a lot of screaming kids…this is not good for my mental health.

Once arrived at Dubai airport I went over to Premium lounge, maybe not that premium but still. Comfy chairs, food, drinks and a lot calmer made it possible to survive the long, to long stop at Dubai airport. Once time for boarding it was time for next surprise.

In front of me, besides me, everywhere…the whole plane was filled with tiny, tiny people who screamed so high that it hurts and give me cold sweats by just thinking about it. But to be fair, once the plane started to prepare for take off they all calmed down and with the exception of one or two cry-attacks the whole 9 hour flight was rather cool.

Now I have arrived to my hotel in Kuta beach, the clock is close to midnight and the temperature outside i 28 degrees, this will be lovely.