Kuta, Indonesia

Woke up really, really tired but cannot feel any jetlag or pain in my throat. Hopefully no one on the plane was contagious. A quick shower later I had breakfast at the hotels roof, which besides of being restaurant/bar also had a nice sun terrace together with a large pool. Indonesia still has some covid restrictions in place so there was no breakfast buffet, instead you ordered one of the following alternatives: English, American or Indonesian. Since I am taught to have an open mind I went for the Indonesian which was a huge plate of fried noodles, deep fried chicken and a plate of fresh fruits. Not a normal start of the day for a swede but don’t misunderstand me, it was really tasty!

Took a really relaxed day, walking along the beach and looked at the surfers catching wave after wave. Fishermen was sitting on the beach and tried to catch what I assume will be todays dinner and there were a lot of sales people trying to sell you everything from sunglasses to seashells.

I left the beach walk and decided to head up, into the city. Crossed a few streets with dense traffic and yes, I had forgot how intense the traffic is in these countries with all the mopeds and mc everywhere. Once I crossed the bigger streets I entered a labyrinth of small alleys, streets and corners where I would not even attempt to walk if I didn’t saw the local drive there with their mopeds. Even here I was attacked by people trying to sell me stuff but at least here they were selling something useful, like different tours or renting out motor bikes.

Back to the hotel and up on the roof, the sky is blue and its close 30 degrees hot. I am tired from flight and so this sunbed and this pool will be perfect as todays adventure.