Where are we?

During the first night on the train it was warm like a sauna in our compartment, tonight it was the opposite and I could almost see frost in my beard. I have no idea how high we climbed during passing the Ural mountains or what happen but it was could, now we passed the mountains and the temperature is back to normal and outside the window the Siberian countryside slowly passing by,

The tempo here on the train is much like the train itself, there is plenty of room for self reflection, thoughts. Anton spends most of the time sleeping but he woke up really quickly once we decided that we westerners should go to the restaurant wagon for a beer together. In our wagon we have a couple from Holland, one guy from Italy and in the next wagon we fond a couple from Ireland and another group from Italy so suddenly we were a pretty big group of people, ordering beer and vodka like there is no tomorrow. We did impress some of the people with our vodka drinking and we made people laugh when we made the dutch girl try some Swedish snus and her face turned from white to green.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere the train stopped and we jumped of to get some local food. We bought some huge Russian pasty which was really, really good and when we tried to ask whats the filling was the old women put her hands to the head to look like a cow and said a loudly “Mooooh”. It might be the beers but we instantly started to laugh and that was for sure a morale booster. Once the train started to move again the train was filled with people trying to sell stuff to you, mostly junk and nothing really interesting but I guess they make some money of it and to be honest, everything new is nice but we decided to continue to hang our with our new friends and drink some more Russian vodka until a female from the train staff with a bigger mustache than any of us has yelled at us because we were to loud.