Interviewed by BBC

Today is a happy day! Then I woke up today I realized that my swollen knee finally has started to calm down, its not good but hey, its on the right way! Just to be sure I will continue to rest and eat my pills and since the rest of the guys had a hangover I had company today the whole day. Instead of spending our day at our hotel we went to Pine Palace who has wifi and today it actually worked to, amazing! During our tea drinking and emailing and chit chatting a guy came over and asked if he could ask us some question.

We don’t have any problems with that and of course we try to help if we can but of curiosity we asked who he was and it was BBC who were interviewing us. Pretty neat but we realized afterwards that we sounds like hippies and buzzwords like stoked were maybe a bit to common, maybe I can blame my pills? Anyway it will be really interesting to read that article but Im afraid it will be about those two hippie vikings from Sweden.

On our way home we found a pizza place, that is just pure happiness. Back home I dont think we would even finish the pizzas but today it was like a gift from god and a huge boost of morale. We took a taxi back from the pizza place and that turned out to be one of the worst experience ever, 70km/h on snowy, icy roads with no airbags or seat belts. If anyone else had been driving on that road at that time we had died for sure but we got back home in one piece and we could relax again. Not for long though because now we are looking for duct tape for tomorrow I aim for snowboarding again. I just cant sit back home anymore.

“Oh my god, pizza *drool*”
-4st hungry swedes