I must be dead cause I’ m in a paradise

A bright shining sun, gondola who took us all they way up to the top and our day was made. Fast as I dont know what we headed out and view over the Kashmiri valley and all the untouched snow was just pure magic. We are somewhere around 50-100 tourist here in total and we got a whole mountain just for ourselves. As long as the gondola is running you have unlimited numbers of lines to choose between and there is no fighting over finding untouched snow.

The only sound you hear is when the snowboard cut through the snow, the champagne light snow is flying through the air and every turn is creating a wall of snow behind you. The feeling is a mixture of floating and flying, weightless surfing down the mountain might be the best description. All I can say is that it was the best riding I ever done! We just had time for three rides today which say something about the length of each ride. My knee is holding up, its not good but with duct tape and some unknown but it works and I guess I will visit a doctor once I get back to Sweden, if not for my knee I guess I need a knew liver because of all my pills.

After an completely awesome day we took after ski at Pine Palace. With the biggest smiles ever we celebrated with some smuggle beers  and after two we were drunk. Max took it one step further and took a whiskey too and his status we shall not even speak about however it was the worst english I ever head. Drinking does not make you better in a foreign language, now we have proof

“Hi, Can i call you…taxi?”
-Max order a taxi