A very unusual day for us, we spent in the beach. After a small discussion if we should swim or pay the 7 kronor (1 Euro) for a taxi over crocodile-land we choose the taxi-boat. With a little bit of luck we got our taxi boat driver to drive an extra lap just to see if we could spot the crocodiles but they weren’t home, guess we took the right decision not to swim.

After spending a whole day on the beach there is really only one thing to do, build a nice bonfire and barbeque. Markus fixed a barbeque and me, Martin and Anna went to the store and shopped a lot of food. 1.5Kg chicken, as much sallad, baguettes and a lot of beers and after some dealing we got Anna to make the food if we paid for it, Ive been doing worse deals than that!

A little bit drunk and convinced that we wont be hungry for a couple of days we decided to go and checkout Tamarindos nightlife and yea, I will never complain on having a hangover in Sweden because having it here, in 35 degrees is worse, much much worse