Lets get ready for the train ride of my life

So I’m getting ready this summers big adventure and I would say it will be the train ride of my life. From Moscow to Beijing by train. Right now I’m having a cup of coffee and tries to figure out what I have packed in my luggage and what I really need. I mean, I will be traveling for about five weeks, going through seven timezones. According to our little plan we will live in everything from tent in the wilderness to hotels in mega cities and since we don’t have any base camp we have to bring everything with us, all the time. If I got everything I need? No idea but at least I’m pleased with the size/weight of my backpack.

Regarding our plan its just as simple as genius:
Step one: Go all in in and dry Moscow of vodka. Once the city are in ruins lets jump on the train heading east.
Step two: Hold a low profile on the train and investigate Siberia, no matter how beautiful it will be I don’t wanna be stuck in a gulag camp for the rest of my life.
Step three: What is Mongolia? Well I heard that its a country built on nomads with a lot of horses but thats it, lets find out what its really is.
Step four: China is close, China is huge and they have pandas. We must see pandas, end of story!

A long time ago I read that simple plans are the best, that would mean that our plan is the best!