Swimming in Devils pool

Back in Livingstone, Zambia perfectly timed with the opening of Devils pool todays schedule was decided, lets go swimming. Devils pools is just as you can hear of the name a natural pool, just at the edge of the main waterfall and if you want and have some courage you can more or less sit at the edge and look out over the scenery. This is of course very season-dependent and its only available during low water. We were very unsure if it would open up during our time here but yea, they opened up today and we were among the first into the water.
Really nice and warm water and no sight of any crocodiles and it was for sure a nice feeling to swimming at the edge of a waterfall, especially the swimming there was kind a interesting because of the very strong currents but we all survived. I thought it would give a nice adrenalin kick to sit there, at the edge but no, guess I’m getting used to do stupid shit.