Malastad is shit

Malastad is the pill from hell. Normally I don’t notice any side effects from the different pills I eat but this pill gives me the whole complete list, from a stomach like a nuclear war to bad sleep and weird dreams. As an example I dream that a huge mosquito tried to convince me to tear down the mosquito net to let the mosquito’s into my big bed since its really not fair that they are not allowed there. Lucky for me I didn’t buy it and to be honest, the bed ain’t that great. Two days after I voluntary ended  my medication and Iḿ slowly turning normal again and its most common that you get sick of malaria after a couple of days and at that time I’m hopefully back home in Sweden so fuck this!

Today its president election in Zambia and there are big posters all over the hostel telling us that guests are not recommended to leave the hostel, stash up food for a couple of days since its usually gets messy during the election. Never less we decided to go outside to take a look and something to eat and its so calm here, more people on the streets but no fighting, riots or stone throwing as a regular night in Sweden. I guess it will be riots first after the result is published if there will be any riots and at that time we are on our way to Zimbabwe.

One thought on “Malastad is shit

  • December 5, 2016 at 10:46 pm

    You are a sick human being.
    Everyone has different responses to the same medication. I gave Meds. in state psych. hospitals and prison psych. wards for 27 years. From experience, it is not the drug, but the individuals response. Just find what works for you and don’t waste your energy condemning what does not. Also, it is a good idea to think positive rather than negative.
    Just my simple opinion.
    Take care of yourself and others.?