Look, I’m flying

We are still in Livingstone and even if I get the feeling like I know this little village now and how beautiful the Victoria falls are there are limits in stuff to do.  Neverless we still havent seen the falls from above so today, well we rented a micro aircraft. Its very touristic, its expensive and worth every penny. What a lovely view and even if we just got a short amount of time in the air its totally worth it. We saw the falls, some crocodiles, elephants, hippos and as a bonus I was allowed to steer for a while, well until I almost crashed the plane. Once the plane started to doing some nasty maneuvers while I tried to figure out how to steer the captain took over.

Really cool to get airborne with more or less a lawn mower on your back.

Cant really say much about Zambia since I only been here in Livingstone but the people are really friendly, its really really cheap and it doesn’t feel as unsafe as for in example South Africa. I dont think its an good idea to leave the hostel alone at night but the odds are much better here for you getting back alive, without getting robbed. Well tomorrow we leave for Botswana and hunting down the big five, I’ll guess that means I will be offline for a couple of days but stay tuned, I will be back.