Designated backseat driver

Today we been driving, a lot! We did however started the day at the local brewery in Struisbaai. It’s a tiny microbrewery and can discuss if its really a brewery or just home brew right now but they are moving to a bigger location, expanding and the beer, its really good! Their pale ale was pretty popular yesterday and since the brew master was on site we got invited to the brewery and sure, why not.

After a short tour and some tasting we got into the car and drove east. We have some loose plans but nothing really decided so we just drove as long as we wanted and after a lunch in Mossel bay we continued to Krysna where we are now. The the scenery reminds me of southern Sweden but with more hills and its really beautiful to drive with the ocean on one side and mountains in the distance on the other side. There between is a tiny road and large green and yellow files! We haven’t seen much of the wild life yet though, but at least I saw some antelopes, a baboon, a lot of ostrich and a lot of different fun and creepy birds I cant name. Today we also saw our first elephants so I got the first of the five big now, all completely random from the highway

No driving for me though, instead I’m the designated backseat driver drinking beer and eating biltong (like beef jerky). The reason for this is that they collected the car before I arrived so I couldn’t sign any paper but it’s OK for me, I’m having it really good here in the backseat.